Calls for Poetry

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Feminist Formations.  Currently we are soliciting poetry primarily by invitation for specific themes and issues. However, If you feel your poetry would be an exceptionally good fit, please contact aman agah at with a statement of the themes of your work and an outline of your intended submission.

About Poesía in Feminist Formations: Under the leadership of Sandra K. Soto and Adela C. Licona, Feminist Formations instituted the Poesía section with the second issue of Volume 24 in order to push at the bounds of academic knowledge production and to make space for creative writers whose work can help us to see, learn, and experience from fresh angles. Following the work of both Raymond Williams and Audre Lorde, we believe that “Poetry Is Not a Luxury” but a technique of feminist worldmaking.

For examples of recent poesía, click here.