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Volume 32, Issue 1, Spring 2020


Table of Contents


  • Introduction: Stories that Matter Now: Feminist Classics & Feminist Desire in the Contemporary Classroom, Jennifer C. Nash, Samantha Pinto
  • Love and Repudiation in the Feminist Canon, Robyn Wiegman
  • “It’s Not as Easy as It Looks on the Page”: Security, Precarity, and Working with Black Feminist Classics, Brittnay Proctor, James Bliss
  • Initiation Rites: “Thinking Sex” and the Feminist Theory Canon, Julien E. Fischer
  • Students in the Classroom with Making Face, Making Soul/Haciendo Caras 30 Years Later, Nicole Guidotti-Hérnandez
  • “Can the Subaltern Speak” to My Students?, Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan
  • Fighting the Impulse to Save the “Other”: A Feminist Methodologies Graduate Seminar Syllabus, Amy L. Brandzel
  • On (the Impossibility of) Teaching Gayle Rubin, Eva Cherniavsky
  • Teaching The Second Sex: A Conversation, Soyica Colbert, Amber Musser, Paige McGinley
  • Teaching “Bad Feminism”: Mary Daly and the Legacy of ’70s Lesbian-Feminism, Julie Kubala
  • The Politics of the Personal Essay: Reading Adrienne Rich in the Women’s and Gender Studies Classroom, Lindsay Davis
  • Teaching Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own in a Feminist Classroom: An Intersectional, Transnational Perspective, Debotri Dhar
  • The Feminist Art of Radical Learning, Shannon Winnubst
  • On the Uses of Black Feminism: Notes on Black Feminism as Sexuality Study, Shoniqua Roach
  • Politics in Action: Teaching Alice Walker’s Meridian, Lisa Diedrich
  • “Teaching Three Copies of ‘Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe’ ”, Kirin Wachter-Grene
  • The Saviors of Gullah Identity: Teaching Daughters of the Dust and the “Classics” of Black Women Writers, Mel Lewis, Melissa L. Cooper
  • Notes in the Margins: A Conversation about Minnie Bruce Pratt’s “Identity: Skin, Blood, Heart”, Serena Visser, Jaisie Walker, Suzanne Lenon
  • On (the Question of) “Knowledge Itself”: Teaching Black Feminism Now, Amanda F. Anderson
  • Confronting Myths of Exceptional, Black Leisure Travel: Teaching June Jordan’s “Report from the Bahamas” in the Contemporary Classroom, Randi K. Gill-Sadler


  • Summertime, Madness, Tiana Reid
  • Plato’s Right, Lisa L. Moore
  • Mother Language, Cecily Parks