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Feminist Formations Books

Masculinity cover

Masculinity Lessons: Rethinking Men's and Women's Studies

edited by James V. Catano and Daniel A. Novak


The anthology provides specific insight into critical conversations on masculinity as they have unfolded over time and in the pages of Feminist Formations. Structured around highly readable essays on a wide range of topics and disciplines, it provides a basic introduction to the question of masculinity before moving on to studies of masculinity, science, and the body. The volume closes with two parts that discuss performing masculinity in global and domestic contexts.

Feminist Pedagogy cover

Feminist Pedagogy: Looking Back to Move Forward

edited by Robbin D. Crabtree, David Alan Sapp, and Adela C. Licona


In exploring feminist pedagogy in all its complexities, the contributors identify the practical applications of feminist theory in teaching practices, classroom dynamics, and student-teacher relationships. This volume will help readers develop theoretically grounded classroom practices informed by the advice and experience of fellow practitioners and feminist scholars.

Being and Becoming Visible cover

Being and Becoming Visible: Women, Performance, and Visual Culture

edited by Olga M. Mesropova and Stacey Weber-Fève


Spanning geographical, cultural, and methodological boundaries, the essays in Being and Becoming Visible examine female representation in a variety of performative and visual media. Olga M. Mesropova and Stacey Weber-Fève situate the disciplines of visual culture and performance studies within two conceptual frameworks—multicultural and feminist—through the overarching thematic trope of visibility.

Getting in is Not Enough cover

Getting In Is Not Enough: Women and the Global Workplace

edited by Colette Morrow and Terri Ann Fredrick


Getting In Is Not Enough focuses on how access-based feminism, a term developed by Colette Morrow and Terri Ann Fredrick, has both failed and succeeded in achieving equity and justice for women and looks at how transnational feminism has addressed these concerns using a global, fundamentally transformative approach.

Diversity and Women's Health cover

Diversity and Women's Health

edited by Sue V. Rosser


Essays in this collection highlight the disparities in diagnosis and treatment among women because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and age from both medical and women’s studies perspectives.